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To log in, you need your PTC email address, @ptc.vic.edu.au. Other email domains will not be recognised.

Follow these steps

1. PTC uses Google Apps. If you are currently logged into a Google App with an email address other than your College one, you may need to sign out.

2. Click the 'Google' button, and follow any prompts.

a. If you are not already logged into a Google App (with your PTC email), Google will ask for your email and password. If you are already logged in to a Google App with your PTC email, you will not need to re-enter your credentials.

b. If this is your first visit to online.ptc.edu.au, Google will ask permission to give your details (name and email) to online.ptc.edu.au. Accept this request.

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password - and you're really sure that is the problem -


Can't login?

If you're entering the correct credentials, but still can't log in,


Please answer the questions in order, and submit the form only when directed to do so (to make sure we have the info we need to fix the problem). 

Other technical issues

Please refer these to Jared Hood, in person during business hours, or by email.

Help - I can't submit my work. Does the late penalties policy apply?

Forgetting your email address or password will not be accepted as a valid excuse for handing in an assignment late. The PTC late penalties policy applies. If there is some other issue, please email the assignment to the lecturer (this provides a date stamp), and submit online as soon as the site becomes available. Otherwise, the PTC late penalties policy applies.

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